1) Competition Mechanism

This video competition aims at raising public awareness on the quality of life in utilizing good quality steel product for their living.

​​​       a) Theme: The Quality Steel Product at Your Home.

       b) Entry Requirements:

              . Format : HD720 – 1080P.

              . Duration : 2 – 5 minutes.

              . Language : The language of video in Khmer with English subtitle or with Khmer subtitle for the English speaking video.

       c) Eligibility:

              . Individual or one team can submit only one short video.

              . Members or staff of the ISI GROUP of Companies are not allowed to apply for this video competition.

       d) Competition Timeline:

              . Call for application is opened from February 19th to March 15th, 2018.

              . Selected applications will be called for detailed brief on March 23rd, 2018.

              . Video competition production is from March 23rd to April 12nd, 2018.

              . Shortlisted videos will be notified by email on April 23rd, 2018.

              . Shortlisted videos will be posted on ISI STEEL Facebook page for the public votes from April 23rd to May 09th, 2018.

              . The final result will be notified by email and posted on ISI STEEL Facebook Page on May 18th, 2018.

       e) Selection Process:

              1).  50% from ISI GROUP’s Committees

                             . Content & key message of the short video.

                             . Creativity & story narrative.

                             . Quality of the video / editing.

              2).  50% from the Facebook Votes (Most likes and share get more points)

                             . Number of like (minimum 1000 likes).

                             . Number of shares (minimum 500 likes).

                             . Number view (as much as possible).

2) Benefits for participants

       a) Award:

              . 1st Prize        :          4,000,000 Riel or 1000$.

              . 2nd Prize       :          2,000,000 Riel or 500$.

              . 3rd Prize        :         1,000,000 Riel or 250$.

       b) Other benefits:

              . Chance to show your potential and creativity in video making to the public and in the future career.

              . Get recognized and awarded by a big crowd of ISI GROUP’s Staff and Facebook Fans.

              . Learn new thing and knowledge about steel industry.

              . An opportunity to become a full-time staff of ISI GROUP of Companies.

3) ISI STEEL reserves the rights to utilize the shorted list videos if necessary.

      For more information, please contact Mr. Vatnakoudom Samith, PR & MarCom Manager at ISI STEEL, at vatnakoudom.samith@isisteel.com.kh.