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Opening opportunities

Position Post Location Status
Furnace Engineer 1 Kandal/ Opening
QC Team Leader 1 Kandal/ Opening
Materiel Engineer 1 Kandal/ Opening
Developer 2 Phnom Penh/ Opening
Draftsman 1 Phnom Penh/ Opening
IT Officer (Network and Security) 1 Phnom Penh/ Opening
IT Engineer 1 Kandal/ Opening
Warehouse Officer 1 Kandal/ Opening
IT Officer (Functional Supporter) 1 Phnom Penh/ Opening
Marketing Executive 1 Phnom Penh/ Opening
Admin Team Leader 1 Kandal/ Opening
Technician 23 Kandal/ Opening
Operations Executive 1 Kandal/ Kampong Chhnang/ Opening
Channel Sales Executive 3 Battambang/ Sihanoukville/ Opening
Purchase Executive 4 Phnom Penh/ Opening