In the past 20 years, ISI STEEL has boosted its product line continually, focusing on constant technological innovation and upgrading its production facilities, to provide Cambodia with a well-rounded mix of high-quality, and price-competitive products.

The structural product range includes: ISI STEEL, Galvanized steel pipe, O Galvanized steel pipe, I-C PURLINS, I-Z PURLIN and I-Deck 1000.

ISI STEEL with its logo, is a proud local brand with international production standards. ISI STEEL stands for high quality steel products with price competitiveness in mind.



The first ever to launch scientifically developed roofing products confirming to international standards in Cambodia, ISI PALM has opened up a new era of choice and quality.

The ISI PALM has ushered in a revolutionary movement in Aluminium – and Zinc-based roofing by placing the highest importance on quality and lasting durability. ISI PALM will continue striving to introduce the finest quality products in the market.


Mekong Homes

80% of Cambodia’s 16 million population live in rural areas. 3.9 million people live without access to clean water, 8 million people live without the use of adequate toilets, and 6 million people live without electricity. Knowing this, we saw a need to develop a new kind of home: one that was accessible to low-income families, that capitalized on local materials and capacity, and reduced our impact on the environment. From there, the concept of Mekong Homes began to grow.