This warranty is your guarantee that ISI PALM® 100 steel sheet, if properly installed and maintained, will meet minimum expected performance levels for at least the warranted period (commencing from the date of installation). This warranty is applied for cladding area of houses & warehouses have 35m2 minimum and 5,000m2 maximum. With a bigger area or Marine or Heavy Industrial environment, will have another warranty process with some agreement documents. However, certain specific problems and situations (listed below) must be addressed and rectified early in order to get the best possible performance and, if not complied with, may result in the Warranty being void.

  1. The warranty applies only to roofing and cladding made from prime quality ISI PALM® steel. The Owner/Contractor is advised to check for the ISI PALM® 100 brand name printed on the reverse of the sheets prior to installation.
  2. Cladding must be handled and installed in accordance with published BlueScope Steel guidelines current at the time of installation, with particular attention to the issues listed below:
    1. Keep sheets dry at all times while stacked in bundles prior to installation. Wet sheets should be separated and dried to minimize risk of accelerated corrosion due to “wet stacking”.
    2. Do not cut sheets by circular saw or grinders as high temperature swarf will damage the coating.
    3. During construction, remove swarf and other debris daily to minimize risk of localized corrosion.
  3. Fasteners must comply with AS 3566 Class 3 or Class 4, and be certified as such by the supplier of fasteners.
  4. All fixings, flashings and associated components must be manufactured from compatible metals (clean ISI STEEL® steel, zinc or aluminum) or be coated or plated in accordance with current published BlueScope and SYSCO guidelines. For long lasting consistency in appearance, flashings should be made from the same material as the cladding.
  5. The paint finish as supplied must not be scratched, abraded, damaged, or coated with any foreign matter or incompatible material (including stack and flue deposits).
  6. Product failures wholly or in part due to the following causes are not covered by this Warranty.
    1. Mechanical, chemical or other damage before, during or after installation.
    2. Attack from chemical agents, fumes, liquids or solids other than direct rainfall.
    3. Unwashed areas sheltered from normal rainfall and not regularly cleaned.
    4. Extended contact with soil, dust, ashes, fertilizers, or moisture retaining substances.
    5. Areas in metallic contact with incompatible materials (eg. lead, copper, carbon/graphite, or stainless steel) or subject to water run-off from such incompatible materials.
    6. Failure to remove debris and/or failure to provide free drainage of water including internal condensation from all surfaces of the product.
    7. Not remove swarf caused by circular saw or grinders after installation.
    8. Severe marine (generally between from the beach to 01 km), industrial or corrosive environments (generally between from the industrial to 02 km).
    9. Severe marine (generally between from the beach to 01 km), industrial or corrosive environments (generally between from the industrial to 02 km).
    10. Storm and tempest or other Acts of God.
  7. Failure of the product from corrosion is defined as when the sheet is perforated.
  8. If the ISI STEEL® cladding (installed and maintained in accordance with the specific guidelines above) fails to perform as warranted due to a defect in the material, the cladding will be repaired or resupplied with an equivalent cladding. No liability shall be accepted for any consequential loss or damages attributable to the failure.
  9. There will have no other liability or obligations in relation to any breach of Warranty & any missing information in front of this warranty card.
  10. Complaints will be received with enclosed the Warranty Card.
  11. Other terms and conditions applied in the website www.isisteel.com.kh