The first ever to launch scientifically developed roofing products confirming to international standards in Cambodia, ISI PALM has opened up a new era of choice and quality.

ISI PALM has ushered in a revolutionary movement in Aluminium and Zinc based roofing by placing the highest importance on quality and endurance. ISI PALM will continue striving to introduce the finest quality products with extraordinary features.

ISI PALM range of roofing products include: Color roof sheet (PPGL 50 and PPGL 100), Galvanized Roof Sheet (CGL 70 and CGL 15) and I-CAP 980 PU


Strong and durable, ISI PALM products are tried and tested in conditions to look great and deliver outstanding, and long-life performance. ISI PALM ពណ៌ 100 is developed by the Australian Bluescope technology to be more resilient to the intense sunlight and temperature typical of Southeast Asia environment.


ICAP 980 PU is produced on a continuous foaming process with colour coated steel sheet on the top side and Aluminium paper, PVC or coated steel sheet on the other encapsulating a rigid polyurethane (PU) foam core. The composite offers a high degree of stability and excellent loadbearing capacity. The panel can work as a three-in-one roof, providing a ceiling, a weatherproof outer skin, plus highly effective insulation.


With the over 15 colors in range, you can choose a roof color that sets the theme for your building. Furthermore, the range of thermally efficient light colors can help to keep your home cooler on hot, sunny days.

Residential Roof

Industrial Roof

When purchasing ISI PALM ពណ៌ 100 steel, you are buying products made and backed by BlueScope, one of the Australia’s largest manufacturers of coated products.